315W CMH Fixture 110-240V


CMH grow lights have been popular in the horticulture and indoor gardening industry for years. This light produces the perfect environment for ideal growing conditions. The lamps produce a broad-spectrum light, which is more closely related to natural sunlight than DE fixtures. ION’s 315W ceramic metal halide fixture is one of a kind. This grow light utilizes advanced low frequency square wave technology. CMH fixtures can provide higher measurements of natural Color Rendering Index (CRI) compared to other lighting methods.

315W CMH Fixture 110-240V (No Bulb)

  • 110-240V
  • Max Current 10A
  • Operates DE or SE lamps in both HPS & MH Lamps
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Dimmable Functions: 660-750-825-1000-1150-EXT
  • Lamps & NEMA Plug Adapter Sold Separately

315W CMH Fixture 110-240V Specifications

Model GTE315
Bulb 315W CMH)
Input power 330W
Input voltage range 85-264V
Input voltage 120-240V
Input Current 2.75A
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Maximum output power 315W
Output frequency 140Hz
Dimmer No
Leakage current 1.8mA
THD <8%
CF Lamp <1.6
Power factor > 0.98
Open circuit voltage 250Vrms
Operating frequency 140Hz
Ignition voltage 3.5KV-4KV
Ignition Interval 1-2-5-5-5 Min
Ignition time 30MS
Inrush current 30A
Input Current Protection 5A
Isolation resistance 5MΩ
Isolation voltage 3.5KV
Bulb failure detection YES
Lamp power Constant
Flickering of the lamp / acoustic resonance No
RF interference No
Max temperature of the box (Tc) 80 ° C
Ambient temperature -25 to 40 ° C
Operating humidity 20%-95%
IP environment required IP__23
Unit weight 4.5Kg
Unit size 521x411x164mm